Ankita Lokhande - Television Actress, Model and Singer

Ankita Lokhande is an Indian actress, model and singer. She is an all round beautiful person with amazing looks, who is best known as Ankita. In the present times she is one of the most well-known Indian stars. She is also popularly known as Ankita Dixit. She is also a singer, actress and a model.

Ankita Lokhande is from Mumbai. She grew up in an affluent family. She has gone through several experiences of her own. She was once a dancer but her passion for dance was soon replaced by her love for acting. She went through many auditions before she got any notice. She was able to get some recognition later on after appearing in some movies.

Ankita Lokhande is very much interested in the working world and her dream is to make it big in this field. She is well aware that there are many other talented people in her own country, as she was once one herself. She hopes that one day, her dream will come true. She has won numerous awards and has been a part of numerous popular TV shows. She is best known for her role as a teenager in the TV show, Kuchli Ka Chandni Chowki. Ankita is also known as a singer of various songs. Her songs are always being played on the radio.

Ankita Lokhande is also a famous model and she loves modeling. She is very much interested in fashion and she wants to be in the fashion industry someday. She is willing to do whatever it takes to become successful. She started off with modeling for small companies and then got into some big studios. She has managed to create her own name and have managed to earn many admirers.

Ankita Lokhande is not only known for her beauty but has also created her own career through her acting skills and talent. She has become one of the best actresses of Indian cinema and has been able to grab the hearts of many people. Her movies have also won the hearts of many people. She is one of the most sought after actresses of India.

She was once the daughter of a butcher but her father died when she was young and hence she was taken care of by her mother and was trained to be a housewife. She has worked hard and now has her own life. She is able to make her dreams come true because of her love for acting and her acting talent. She wants to use her talent to help other people and make them realize their dreams.


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