The Life of Ranjith Indian Actor

Ranjith, which means "towards the south" is an actor from India who is famous for his roles in Malayalam and Tamil language films. Ranjith was born in the year 1947. Since then he has had a varied career in Hollywood, but is most famous as an actor in Tamil films and Malayalam movies.

Ranjith was a child during the partition of India and it was difficult for him to adjust to the changes in his new life. Although he had friends in the north, he spent most of his time with his friends in the south of India, as most of the Tamil film industry was in the north.

He then moved into the movie industry as a boy and later made it big as a teenager and a young adult. He is still making movies today and has several films of which are of high regard.

It was while he was making his first movie that he met the most popular and respected Hindi film director of the day, Shankaracharya. As a result he began to learn more about the Hindi film industry and was able to move up to the top, after many attempts, as an actor.

The best thing about Ranjith is that he is quite down to earth. Unlike many actors who are arrogant with their looks and status, Ranjith does not possess these attributes. He also does not seem to be interested in fame or money. He lives a simple life and is happy with his job.

For those fans of Indian cinema who were not familiar with Ranjith's career, then you should take a look at his performance in Satyamev Jayanthi. It is a biographical movie and tells about his life as an actor. This film also helped to make him a name and a star in the film industry. You will find that he has had quite a bit of success in Hollywood too, so he would not be unknown to the people there. You can see him in films such as Yorgosha, Kamal Kumar and Udit Raj!

Although he is quite different from the other actors in the film industry, Ranjith remains loyal to his roots. Even if he is one of the many young artists in Hollywood, he continues to work with traditional actors and not go over to the big screen and sign for big names. This is very important for Indian actors, because Hollywood is generally seen as a place where people want to be the star and do it for the money and fame.

If you want a little insight into Ranjith's character, you will find that he is quite a simple person and is full of empathy. This is not surprising, as he has grown up in a simple lifestyle. His brother and mother are both alive in India, and his mother taught him to work hard and never complain about anything.

Ranjith's performance in The Karikariya Diaries is another example of his character. This film was released just after the partition of India and was directed by Ashok Kamol who was a well-known Indian film director.


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